sudo without password


Typing password for sudo commands is an awful experience. So here’s what we should do to stop linux asking for password: 1. Backup the sudoers file: 2. Open the sudoers file for edit: 3. Edit sudoers file:

Fedora 33: Problem with Broadcom Wifi Device


I am using Fedora workstation as my main OS on my laptop for many years, but usually I face a problem with my wifi device when I try to update my OS or change it. So, here is a solution to fix the problem: First, you have to determine your wifi device model by this […]

How to make Apache HTTPD Web Server more secure


There are some known security issues that can make an Apache HTTPD Web Server insecure. If using Apache HTTPD as a web service is your approach, then you should scan your web server in first step. There are many tools to scan a web server. here we will use NIKTO. Nikto is a free tool […]

Add New Disk to RedHat-based Linux without reboot

If you add a new disk to your OS, you won’t find this device in the device list (fdisk -l command). So you have two options to make it available: Reboot your machineMake the OS rescan all connected devices In operational environments, the first option is not considerable. So we have to choose the second […]