Database MySQL

Change the Character Set & Collation of a table

To change the Character Set and Collation of a field of a table you have to use this query: if the table contains data, you have to update that data as follow:

Database Indexes Microsoft SQL Server

Rebuild and Reorganize all indexes within a database

If you want to REBUILD and REORGANIZE all your indexes in a database, you have to use this query: Rebuild: Reorganize:

Backup Restore Database Microsoft SQL Server

Backup/Restore Progress

To see the progress of Backup or Restore process you can use this query:

ASM Database Oracle

Database Startup Error: Fatal NI connect error 12547

If you see Fatal NI connect error 12547 error in alert log file of a Database in the middle of startup, and the database process couldn’t find DB PARAMETER FILE and CONTROL FILE, you have to check permissions,owner and group of these files: The permission of these files have to be 6751. The group of […]

Database Export/Import (EXPDP/IMPDP) Oracle

IMPDP Errors: ORA-02374, ORA-12899

If the Character set of source and destination database are not equal, you will see below errors in the impdp log file: to solve this error, you have to restore the structure of tables first then you have to modify these fields with alter table command as below: finally, we you have to import data […]